Bistros and simple restaurants

Need I say that "simple" means less expensive, an important criterion since we often eat out. If you know France you know there are lots of eateries in this country. Here are some nearby we can recommend (all can do vegetarian):


Chez Nanou is a long time favorite of ours. Jerome and Nanou make a robust food that has the taste of Auvergne, in south-central France. 4 kms in Moulins. Closed Sunday and Monday.


Le Moulin Babet. This restaurant, also in Moulins, serves an upmarket gastronomic style food. Chef is Franck Arnaud.


Le Vieux Moulin has been one of our favorites for years. Situated on a trout pond where you can catch your own they specialise in cooking trout seven different ways but also do the usual steaks, pasta, etc.  10 km (12 Rue de Reims, 51700 Verneuil, gps: 49°10.23N, 3°.47.07E. Closed Wed evening and all day Thursday. Tél: 0326529176)


Dormans (8 km) has several restaurants: the Lombardie next to the Post Office for pizza and salads, a Turkish sandwich place next to the church for carry-out, Petit-Sourdet for full cuisine.


For a special treat in Dormans visit Sylvain Suty tea salon (40 varieties!) with the orange awning at 4 Place de Luxembourg. Unusual to find this level of quality in tea, chocolates and patisseries outside Paris. Brunch and lunch anytime from 10h to 18h.


Chateau-Thierry (15 km) has many Asian, North African and French restaurants. Also a MacDonalds.