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Taps at Belleau Wood

Military history

Our house was in the middle of the turning-point battle of WWI, the Second Battle of the Marne. One of our early guests, John S.D. Eisenhower, son of Ike and a military historian, wrote a book about it called “Yanks”. They were here for a week of fact checking. 
  • We are surrounded by WWI cemeteries. Belleau Wood, officially known as "Aisne-Marne", is dedicated to the Marines who first turned the tide. Nearby the "Oise-Aisne" cemetery contains tombs of the famous, such as Joyce Kilmer, American poet and author of “Trees”.
  • British cemeteries are dotted across the landscape and contain graves from all the Commonwealth, Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and beyond.
  • The Germans lost thousands here too in WWI and often their cemeteries are next to those of their past enemies. A touching juxtaposition.
  • In Reims visit the Musée de la Réedition, where the Germans in WW2 surrendered to the Allies under General Dwight Eisenhower. The map room is very moving - all the tables and huge wall maps to plan the Allied victory still line the walls. 15 minute walk from center od Reims.
  • At the B&B we have many books on both wars to consult.
  • Here is an especially useful NYTimes article on visiting the WWI sites near us.